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Verdi – Nabucco Overture
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Verdi – Nabucco Overture


Arranged for string orchestra by Damian Iorio.

Set includes:
Full score
1st Violin – 3 copies
2nd Violin – 3 copies
Viola – 2 copies
Cello – 2 copies
Bass – 1 copy

Our Verdi arrangements are unabridged, unsimplified and faithful to the original scores with regards to dynamics, phrasing and articulation. We recommend a minimum string size of 6 5 4 4 2 as there are divisi and soli, although it could be performed with fewer players.

Duration 8 minutes

Click here to listen to a performance of this arrangement performed by National Youth String Orchestra with Damian Iorio

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Verdi’s opera Nabucco was premiered in 1842 at La Scala and was an instant success, as well as solidifying his career as a composer. The Sinfonia, or Overture, was written at the last moment, and resounds with the confidence and assurance of a composer who has found his voice. It is based on themes from the opera, including “Va, pensiero”, the great chorus of the Hebrew slaves. This chorus became the anthem for the Risorgimento – the uprising for the unification of Italy, and was so cherished by the Italians that the some 100,000 mourners attending Verdi’s funeral in 1901 spontaneously sang it in his memory!