Aida cover
Verdi – Aida Prelude

Verdi – Aida Prelude


Arranged for string orchestra by Damian Iorio.

Set includes:
Full score
1st Violin – 3 copies
2nd Violin – 3 copies
Viola – 2 copies
Cello – 2 copies
Bass – 1 copy

Our Verdi arrangements are unabridged, unsimplified and faithful to the original scores with regards to dynamics, phrasing and articulation. We recommend a minimum string size of 6 5 4 4 2 as there are divisi and soli, although it could be performed with fewer players.

Duration 4 minutes

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Giuseppe Verdi’s grand opera Aida, with it’s famous Triumphal March, was premiered in Cairo in 1871. Verdi chose to write a brief orchestral prelude instead of a full overture for the opera. It is short and intimate with two melodic ideas. The first, quietly played by the violins at the beginning, is associated with Aida herself. The second, a descending scale passage with a darker color, is later associated with Ramfis and his priests who eventually condemn Radames.