The Language of the Conductor's Gesture cover
Ilya Musin – The Language of the Conductor’s Gesture

Ilya Musin – The Language of the Conductor’s Gesture


Translated into English from the original Russian by Musin’s former student and assistant Daniel Boico.

In his last book, the legendary teacher unravels the art of conducting which he researched for decades as pedagogue and performer. The book deals with the fundamental questions of pedagogy, starting with first assignments and leading to the development of a specific gestural language to influence performers in rehearsal and concert. It will be of value to all conductors, and of great interest to musicians in other fields as well as music lovers wishing to understand the secrets of this mysterious and much misunderstood discipline.

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Ilya Alexandrovich Musin (1903-1999) was a renowned conductor particularly known for his skill as a teacher. He devoted his life to exploring the art of conducting and to developing a scientific approach to the craft, teaching at the St Petersburg conservatory for many years and educating generations of conductors, many of whom went on to develop international careers. Musin’s earlier books, “Conducting Technique” (1967) and “On the Education of the Conductor” (1987) acquired wide popularity among conducting teachers, students and performers. This is the first ever English translation of his final book “The Language of the Conductor’s Gesture” which was originally in Russian.

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