Stenhammar Chitra cover
Stenhammar – Chitra

Stenhammar – Chitra

New edition by Damian Iorio

Stenhammar’s original incidental music to Chitra is now available in a high quality, modern, professional performing edition by Damian Iorio. This is the original complete version.

Set includes:
Full score
1st Violin – 3 copies
2nd Violin – 3 copies
Viola – 2 copies
Cello – 2 copies
Bass – 1 copy
Celesta – 1 copy

Duration 22 minutes

Note – it is possible to perform Chitra with strings only as celesta is required only in the 5th movement.

Price and availability on request – please use the contact form.

Until now only the original handwritten material of Stenhammar’s incidental music to Rabindranath Tagore’s play Chitra was available. This new edition resolves many of issues present in the manuscript and includes the correct, complete celesta part for the 5th movement.